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Important releases for 10.22:         22:45 New Zeland: Consumer Price Index         Important releases for 10.23:        01:30 Australia: Business Confidence         02:45 China: Manufacturing PMI         08:00 France: Manufacturing PMI, Services PMI       08:30 Germany: Manufacturing PMI, Services PMI       09:00 Eurozone: Manufacturing PMI, Services PMI        09:30 Great Britain: Retail Sales         11:00 Great Britain: CBI Industrial Orders        13:30 USA: Initial Jobles Claims
DJIA  16501.00      
NDX  3952.00      
SPX  1930.70      
CCMP  4382.04      
DAX  8851.50      
SMI  8500.00      
GOLD  1240.94      
SILVER  17.14      
PLATINUM  1261.20      
PALLADIUM  768.30      
CL  80.29      
NG  3.65      
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