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 Important Releases for 09.03:        04:20 Australia : RBA Governor Stevens Speaks         08:15 Spain : Services PMI        08:45 Italy : Services PMI        09:00 Eurozone : Services PMI        09:30 Great Britain : Services PMI         10:00 Eurozone : Retail Sales        15:00 Canada : BoC Interest Rate Decision, BoC Statement        15:00 USA : Factory Orders        19:00 USA : Beige Book Report
DJIA  17081.00      
NDX  4091.00      
SPX  2002.20      
CCMP  4596.34      
UKX  6827.50      
DAX  9498.00      
CAC  4375.00      
SMI  8750.00      
GOLD  1267.05      
SILVER  19.21      
PLATINUM  1409.00      
PALLADIUM  882.00      
CL  93.23      
NG  3.90      
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